Memory Checker

Memory Checker

Memory checker is an android app that tests the handset’s RAM and SD card.

If you are interested in games, look away now! Technical details follow.

The memory checker application seeks to detect memory corruptions caused by memory errors or single event upsets. To this end, it writes and reads data from the phone while checking for errors and recording them to a log file. The application is configurable on the phone and seeks to produce data that is easy to graph and interpret.

You can configure the test using the following variables:

Number of cycles:
This is the number of write/read cycles that are carried out in the test. Each cycle, the amount of data set in the data size box is checked, written and read.

Number of checks:
This is the number of times the saved data is read and checked by the program. A higher number of checks will increase the chance of detecting a read error and reduce the chance of recording a false write error. Using a large number of checks may slow the test down marginally.

Check Delay (ms):
The check delay is the time the program waits after writing and before reading. Changing this value will allow the user to test how the amount of time and the amount of the data left on the disk affect the number of errors produced. This value has an effect on the length of the test but it is small in comparison to the size of the data saved.

Data Size (mb):
This is the size of the data array saved to the phone’s memory each cycle. Setting this to a high value will dramatically increase the duration of the test. Without “rooting” the phone and increasing the maximum heap size this value cannot be set to a value higher than 20mb. 18mb is the highest amount recommended for reliable use.

Print Rate (s):
This is the time between result outputs. For example, if this is set to 5 then the number of memory/write errors and read errors will be printed every 5 seconds. It is highly recommended that the time between prints is set to a value higher than the time it takes to complete a cycle as this will make the results easier to interpret.

We have not yet released Memory checker as it requires further testing before being made available. However if its just what you’re looking for make a post in the forums and we can e-mail you the .apk