Shyft: Progress report

Posted April 1st, 2011 in Game Design, Games by Charles Micou

Shyft has recently had a few technical setbacks (exploding hard drives count, right?) and so was swept under the carpet for a few weeks while Callum and I did other things. We’re now back with a vengeance and hope to finish up a beta/alpha release this April.

Currently, we still need to do the following:

In the code:

-Polish the GUI: It’s still a little edgy in places, but looking pretty good

-Add a ‘Reinforcements’ game mechanic: Most of the code for this was done, but was lost in the hard drive incident

-Add 4-player/3-player multiplayer support: Currently it only supports 2 players, both over LAN and hotseat mode

-Troubleshoot LAN multiplayer: It occasionally goes a little funny and so needs some fixing

-Make modding support more robust

-Enable playing of mp3 files to make music filesize shorter

-Make the dropship helicopter able to transport units

-Add  your turn, victory and defeat graphics

-Add healthbars

-(maybe an explosion animation)


Out of the code:

-Bring the map count up from 4 to about 10

-Produce tutorials on how to make new maps and mod

-Finish off the help section

-Test and balance units

-Add updated music


It’s more than likely that we’ll come up with other things before it’s released, as well as a few other tweaks. It is equally possible that I have forgotten something.


Here’s a 4 player map I worked on a while ago, in the second image you can see the grid and reinforcement zones. (Click to enlarge)